30 mei 2009

GREAT prize to win!

My dear scrapfriend Jenneke is giving away a totally awesome prize.
You can win a weekend at her house by the water.
All because of her 100e post on her blog.
This is her blog: www.jenneke-justwhoiam.blogspot.com
Some wonderful pictures of here house: http://www.hetpuntien.nl/

All you have to do is leave a comment at her blog.
Go and check it out.

Petra Coolen

29 mei 2009

Mothers day

As promised the layout I made with some PiP pages and a Bruna mini card.
It´s about mothers day. Liv made a poem at school and was reading it aloud when I was eating breakfast in bed. Just loved it.
Little girls are the best ;)

Enjoy your weekend (I know I will).

Petra Coolen

28 mei 2009

Before / After

Last week I put back my scrapstuff in the livingroom. Had to do 1 week without "my" table(because we had guests). So... it´s scrapping time again ;)

I want to show you some cool minicards I got at the Bruna store. At each 3,50 you spend, you get one for free. Liv wants to collect them but I secretly kept some apart. Ssssttt.... don´t tell (want to use them for scrapbooking). Aren´t they just lovely!

I also bought the new PiP agenda at the Bruna store. Have already torn it apart!!! Want to use those wonderful pages and images for my layouts.

Next time I show you the layout I made with Pip and the minicards.
See you around.
Petra Coolen

19 mei 2009

We had a great day

last sunday, especially Liv.
Since pictures say more than words....;)

See you around,
Petra Coolen

11 mei 2009

Busy week ahead

Our daughter is doing her "eerste communie" at Sunday and a lot of work needs to be done. Cleaning the house (not my hobby...), shopping, cleaning my scraptable (we need that table for our guests), decorating the house, hairdresser, offcourse going to work in between ;) That means no scrapping for a couple of days. Yesterday evening I made this "quick" layout (since I can´t scrap for a couple of days). It´s about "carnaval". Each year we celebrate "carnaval" in the southern part of the Netherlands. We all dress up and there are a lot of parades.

Berichtje voor Vivian: ik heb inderdaad een tijdje meegedraaid in het designteam van P&P (Srapbookmagazine). Echter, enkele maanden geleden heb ik hiervoor bedankt.

10 mei 2009

Happy mothersday

I know I will ;)

Petra Coolen

6 mei 2009

I am back (I´ll guess...)

Yesterday I "forced" myself to start scrapbooking again.
Said to myself: just grab a piece of cardstock, choose a photo en get on with it...
Don´t know if I got my mojo back but at least it´s a start.
Thank you all for your advice!
Here is the layout I finished last night.
It´s about a sweet little note I got from my daughter Liv.
See you around ;)

Petra Coolen

5 mei 2009


Recently I took a class Photoshop. Let me tell you... the possibilities are endless!
A friend asked me if I could take some pictures of her daughter (she is doing her "eerste communie"as we call it here in the Netherlands) and make a card.
I played a little around in Photoshop and here is what I came up with.

Thank you for watching ;)
Petra Coolen