15 okt. 2011

Speaking of a mini....

Made this tiny, tiny mini out of closet rolls.

It´s about Liv´s "judo examen".

And offcourse I made some cards :)

About my injury.

Went to see my chiro.

She told me I had to rest for 2 weeks (phew, thought I was out of commission for months...)

So next week I can start working-out again!

Hooray for that :)

3 okt. 2011

Can you believe that!

I got injured again. This time it´s my hip bone (slijmbeursontsteking).

Love to work-out every day. Guess I was overdoing it...

Now I have to rest (hate that) and cool a lot.

But heey, look on the bright side... more time for cardmaking ;)

And that´s just what I did.

Have a happy week :)